About Panchgani

About  Panchgani No wonder the British fell a prey to its rejuvenating ambience and made it their summer resort.One can get a glimpse of the colonial era in several buildings which are now converted into boarding schools and sanatoriums. The gothic architecture of these buildings continue to attract every tourist till date. The hill town of Panchgani has retained it perennial popularity for being a priviledged haven surrounded by lush greenary and tranquility since British era. The hill town is also known for its pure oxygen-rich air having curative powers for those suffering from breathing problems.


The elite boarding schools like Billimoria, Oaks and the old Parsi houses have made this lovely place multi cultural which is a delight for any tourist.


History of PanchganiA popular destination of honeymooners, people with family or anyone who wishes to drown in solititude, freshness, revel in the glory of nature and spend some quiet moments. The graceful river Krishna murmuring, the dense trees, the misty mountain ranges, the green valleys dipping in and miles of scenic delight act as a perfect foil for any nature lover. Hire a bicycle or go for a morning and evening walk, the fresh breeze of Panchgani and the purity of nature will haunt for eternity.


History of Panchgani

Discovered during the colonial period by the British, the pristine hill resort town of Panchgani was the summer resort of the British who wanted to rejuvenate and refresh themselves in the cool and tranquil environment of the hill town. It is said that John Chesson, a British Superintendent who was in charge of the hill town in 1860 contributed a lot in enhancing the scenic splendour of the town by importing lovely plant species like silver oak and poinsettia from foreign land and planting them in the green environs of the hill station.